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Qu, Dengke; Matwiejew, Edric; Wang, Kunkun; Wang, Jingbo; Xue, Peng

Experimental implementation of quantum-walk-based portfolio optimisation Journal Article

In: Quantum Science and Technology (IF 6.568) , vol. 9, pp. 025014, 2024.

Abstract | Links:

Zhuang, Shengxin; Tanner, John; Wu, Yusen; Huynh, Du Q.; Cadet, Wei Liu Xavier F.; Fontaine, Nicolas; Charton, Philippe; Damour, Cedric; Cadet, Frederic; Wang, Jingbo

Non-Hemolytic Peptide Classification Using A Quantum Support Vector Machine Online

2024, visited: 06.02.2024.

Abstract | Links:

Wu, Yusen; Huang, Zigeng; Sun, Jinzhao; Yuan, Xiao; Wang, Jingbo; Lv, Dingshun

Orbital Expansion Variational Quantum Eigensolver Journal Article

In: Quantum Science and Technology (Impact Factor 6.568), vol. 8, pp. 045030, 2023.

Wu, Yusen; Wu, Bujiao; Wang, Jingbo; Yuan, Xiao

Quantum Phase Recognition via Quantum Kernel Methods Journal Article

In: Quantum (Impact Factor 6.777), vol. 7, pp. 981, 2023.


Sotelo, Rafael; Wang, Jingbo; Nakamura, Yuichi; Farouk, Ahmed; Arjona, Rosario; Andraca, Salvador Venegas; James, Alex; Venegas-Gomez, Araceli; Gonzalez, Bill

The first Workshop on Quantum in Consumer Technology at IEEE Quantum Week Journal Article

In: IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (Impact Factor 4.135), vol. 2162, pp. 2256, 2023.

| Links:

Matwiejew, Edric; Pye, Jason; Wang, Jingbo B.

Quantum Optimisation for Continuous Multivariable Functions by a Structured Search Journal Article

In: Quantum Science and Technology (Impact Factor 6.568) - In Press (formally accepted) , vol. 8, pp. 045013, 2023.

Abstract | Links:

Bennett, Tavis; Wang, Jingbo

Quantum optimisation via maximally amplified states Journal Article Forthcoming

In: arXiv:2111.00796, Forthcoming.

Qu, Dengke; Marsh, Samuel; Wang, Kunkun; Xiao, Lei; Wang, Jingbo; Xue, Peng

Deterministic Search on Star Graphs via Quantum Walks Journal Article

In: Physical Review Letters (IF 9.161), vol. 128, iss. 5, pp. 050501, 2022.

Abstract | Links:

Wu, Yusen; Wang, Jingbo

Estimating Gibbs partition function with quantum Clifford sampling Journal Article

In: Quantum Science and Technology (IF 6.568) , vol. 7, pp. 025006, 2022.


43 entries « 1 of 5 »
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