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Wu, Yusen; Wu, Bujiao; Wang, Jingbo; Yuan, Xiao

Provable Advantage in Quantum Phase Learning via Quantum Kernel Alphatron Journal Article Forthcoming

In: arXiv:2111.07553, Forthcoming.


Bennett, Tavis; Wang, Jingbo

Quantum optimisation via maximally amplified states Journal Article Forthcoming

In: arXiv:2111.00796, Forthcoming.

Matwiejew, Edric; Pye, Jason; Wang, Jingbo B.

Quantum Optimisation for Continuous Multivariable Functions by a Structured Search Journal Article Forthcoming

In: arXiv:2210.06227, Forthcoming.


Wu, Yusen; Huang, Zigeng; Sun, Jinzhao; Yuan, Xiao; Wang, Jingbo; Lv, Dingshun

Orbital Expansion Variational Quantum Eigensolver Journal Article Forthcoming

In:, Forthcoming.

Qu, Dengke; Marsh, Samuel; Wang, Kunkun; Xiao, Lei; Wang, Jingbo; Xue, Peng

Deterministic Search on Star Graphs via Quantum Walks Journal Article

In: Physical Review Letters (IF 9.161), vol. 128, iss. 5, pp. 050501, 2022.

Abstract | Links:

Wu, Yusen; Wang, Jingbo

Estimating Gibbs partition function with quantum Clifford sampling Journal Article

In: Quantum Science and Technology (IF 5.994) , vol. 7, pp. 025006, 2022.


Matwiejew, Edric; Wang, Jingbo

QuOp_MPI: A framework for parallel simulation of quantum variational algorithms Journal Article

In: Journal of Computational Science (IF 3.817), vol. 62, pp. 101711, 2022.

Bennett, T.; Matwiejew, E.; Marsh, S.; Wang, J. B.

Quantum Walk-Based Vehicle Routing Optimisation Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Physics (IF 3.563), vol. 9, pp. 730856, 2021.

Abstract | Links:

Marsh, Samuel; Wang, Jingbo

A framework for optimal quantum spatial search using alternating phase-walks Journal Article

In: Quantum Science and Technology (IF 5.994), vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 045029, 2021.

Abstract | Links:

40 entries « 1 of 5 »
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