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QUISA Notice

  • Congratulations, Matthaus Zering
    Matthaus Zering received the 2023 AIP Summer Meeting Student Scholarship, the 2023/24 Pawsey Summer Internship, and the 2023/24 UWA Data Institute Summer Internship!
  • CSIRO’s ON Prime program
    The “Quantum Optimisation Solutions” team (Edric Matwiejew, Tavis Bennett, Jo Hawkins, Jingbo Wang) has been accepted into the CSIRO ON Prime program, which runs from Sept to Nov 2023 for 9 weeks.
  • Australian Quantum Software Network
    Today (Nov 3rd, 2022) Industry and Science Minister Ed Husic launched the new Australian Quantum Software Network, which is said to be the world’s most extensive collection of quantum software and information theory expertise. We (QUISA) are part of this  Australian Quantum Software Network.
  • EQUS PhD Translation Stipends
    Tavis Bennett and Edric Matwiejew received the EQUS PhD Translation Stipends, which will help us get started in developing new and innovative quantum algorithms for problems of practical importance. 
  • Research Mentorship Award
    Professor Jingbo Wang received this year’s Research Mentorship Award (School of Physics, Mathematics, and Computing). “The first quantum revolution that started 100 years ago has led to much of today’s modern technologies. We are now amidst a second quantum revolution, which involves manipulating matter at the fundamental single-particle level. This provides a wealth of new…
  • Maslen Physics Prize
    Tavis Bennett received the Maslen Physics Prize for being the highest-achieving Honours student in Physics in 2021.
  • Quantum Natural Language Processing
    Shengxin Zhuang completed his Honours thesis “Quantum Natural Language Processing: Document Classification” under the supervision of Wei Liu and Jingbo Wang.